Facilities & Rates

Co-working Space

Facilities 2-hour 1-day 1-month 1-month
(incl. dedicated space)*
Internet access and electricity
Discounted access to A4 printer-copier-scanner
Coffee, tea, drinks available in co-working space
C2O newsletter email (optional – pls notify)
Book rent voucher (excl. membership) 1 1 1
Special price for ticketed events, merchandise, etc.
Dedicated space (seat, desk, storage)
Price per pax  10  35  350 500

*Limited availability, by appointment.
Note: Discount 10% for any 5 passes, 20% for 10 passes. Prices are in thousands rupiah.

Meeting/Group Booking

We have two rooms available for closed-door meeting/group booking:
– Meeting room 4 x 4 m, capacity ±8 pax (min. booking: 4 pax)
– Multi-function gallery, capacity up to 40 pax (min. booking: 10 pax)

To make your booking, please fill this form at https://goo.gl/jzLTqR. The prices below are in thousands rupiah.

Facilities 2-hour half day
(4 hours)
full day
(8 hours)
Standard package includes:
– Internet
– Whiteboard
– Flipchart
– Water
NOTE: Other food & beverage not included.
15/pax 25/pax 40/pax
LCD projector  30 55  100
Air-Conditioner (AC) 80 160  320
Coffee break (incl. coffee, tea, snacks)  15/pax 15/pax 30/pax
(served 2x)
Boxed lunch meal (served 1x) 25/pax 25/pax