Talk with Lo Shih Tung (Open Contemporary Art Center Taiwan)


Talk & discussion with Lo Shih Tung
Co-Director of Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), Taiwan

☞ Monday, 7 July 2014, 6pm
C2O library & collabtive
Jl. Dr. Cipto 20, Surabaya, Indonesia 60264

LO Shih Tung, born in 1983, graduated from National Taiwan University of the Arts, Graduate School of Plastic Arts. lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. His works place emphasis on the temporality in processes of creating and interacting with the community, networks, or spectators, whereby the fragmented, fissured, and forgotten history can be restored or even fictionalized. They are about seeking one’s identity, residence, hometown, and city within contemporary society—those long forgotten, unseen ghosts.

Lo has been an artist in residency at Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei in 2010, and at BankArt 1929 NYK, Yokohama/Japan in 2012. His work has participated in the 2011 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris/ France, and also Une terrible poetique, La Biennale de Lyon, Leon / France. Since 2011, he was appointed director of Open-Contemporary Art Center, a Taiwanese contemporary art space run by a group of artists.

Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) is an artist-run space founded in Banciao (Taiwan) in 2001. Our tasks include curation, interdisciplinary exchange, art forum, study and publication. We believe that contemporary art permeates into our lives in a wider range than ever. People need a significant clue of “what is contemporary art?” with a full imagination. We look at this and attempt to dedicated ourselves to create diverse forms of which the public interacted with contemporary art.

OCAC was first established by a group of artist-curators to illustrate our fundamental philosophy in art. We as artists feel most obligated to (or capable of) develop a theory of practice. Reflecting on art production and contemporary society, our curatorial purpose has always been discovering and putting forwards new perspectives. In the process of thinking carefully on Taiwan’s (art) feedback to the world in terms of art production, we examine our contemporary art under the influence of globalization in art.

Art/Artist Studio
Artist studio today may be the most openly liberal space among others. OCAC stands for a public space and a union of artists, which cannot be separate. We expect to do more than just simple production, storage and exhibitions in the art space, but certainly to strive to generate more conversation, radical thoughts and guerrilla activities. Through artists’ practice in the space, we attempt to bring up a proposal for living against capitalism in the contemporary society.

Community Dialogue
With a trend of the public involved art, contemporary art becomes vital and almost open to any non-art fields. OCAC is committed to opening up a dialogue of new possibilities and exchange. We continue to promote art in different communities via artists’ active participation and diverse practices in culture, which bring us to explore art’s influence on people in the reality.

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