8-bit inspired gig: bossbattle &c.

bossbattle yogiedigital uncle twist kitseh qembones

live 8-bit inspired gig
bossbattle / yogiedigital / uncletwis / kitseh / qembones
Jumat, 22 Agustus 2014, 17.00 – 21.00
c2o library & collabtive
Jl. Dr. Cipto 20 Surabaya

Bossbattle (Sean Stellfox) is an American electronic and vj artist coming from the small but wonderful state of Delaware. Mostly influenced by the sounds and scenes of Wilmington, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Bossbattle blends a mix of electronic music and visuals to create a unique audio visual experience. The philosophy behind Bossbattle is that music should not be about making money, but about the community that can be reached between likeminded artists through playing shows and collaborations.
The sounds of Bossbattle are versatile and a single track can borrow many elements such as chiptune, ambience, soundscapes, pop electronic, noise and so much more. Ultimately Bossbattle is not a person but a state of mind that believes in electronic music and fun times!

Check out some free sounds from Bossbattle (Sean Stellfox):

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