ArtHouse Cinema: Zerrumpelt Herz (The Council of Birds)

Zerrumpelt Herz (The Council of Birds)
Sutradara: Timm Kröger, berwarna, 80 menit, 2013/14
☞ Rabu, 18 Januari 2017, 19.00 WIB

di Wisma Jerman – Ruang Halle
Jl. Taman AIS Nasution 15
Surabaya (peta)

The letter with which Otto invited his old friend Paul to come and visit him at his secluded cabin in the middle of the forest in 1929 bears signs of arrogance. The young composer curses Hindemith’s “functional music” and Kurt Weill’s “negro music”. Since Otto’s new symphony is awaited in America, he wants to show it to his former classmate at all costs. When Paul, his wife Anna and their mutual friend Willi arrive at the cabin after a long march through the woods, Otto is nowhere to be found. They are welcomed at the cabin by a dog tied with a leash. Disorder and chaos prevail. Paul reassures his irritated companions: Otto will reappear; he has often gone missing for days, binging on pubs and bordellos, only to return with a masterpiece in hand. Anna reacts strangely and with dissatisfaction.

*Film berbahasa Jerman dengan teks bahasa Inggris

ArtHouse Cinema merupakan salah satu program budaya dalam bidang film yang digagas oleh Goethe-Institut Indonesia. Arthouse cinema menyajikan film-film klasik atau film dengan pendekatan artistik yang berbeda, meliputi film-film independen, avantgarde, retrospektif, eksperimental, animasi, dan dokumenter. Program ini berjalan sejak tahun 2013 di tiga kota, yaitu Goethe-Institut Jakarta, Goethe-Institut Bandung, dan Wisma Jerman Surabaya. Menampilkan film-film pilihan dari Jerman dengan beragam tema dan aspek sambil santai berbincang seputar film yang ditayangkan.

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