Adu Doro: An art & archive exhibition

: Art and Archive Exhibition
by Surabaya Contemporary Heritage Council

<Featured Artists>
Benny Wicaksono
Cahyo Prayogo
Pertigaan Map

<Opening reception>
Friday, 22 September 2017, 19.00 WIB

<Exhibition period>
22 – 28 September 2017, 11.00 – 21.00 WIB
Closed on Tuesdays

c2o Library & Collabtive
Jl. Dr. Cipto No.22

“Adu Doro as a Contemporary Heritage”
24 September 2017
12.00 – 15.00 WIB
Rumah Kebudayaan
Airlangga University
Jl. Dharmawangsa No.29 Surabaya

Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji (Historian, UNESA)
Yogi Ishabib (Surabaya Contemporary Heritage Council)
Benny Wicaksono (Center for Adu Doro Studies)
Satrio (Pigeon expert)

08572-6060-828 (Maya)


<About the exhibition>

ADU DORO : Art and Archive Exhibition was initiated by Surabaya Contemporary Heritage Council. This exhibition brings the phenomenon of pigeon racing—which is very dear to the daily lives of Surabaya’s citizen—to the front-and-center point of the spotlight. The pigeon racing games has been existed and practiced in Surabaya since long time ago, even some kampongs in Surabaya possessed toponyms which are related to the presence of pigeons (Kampung Doro and Kampung Kedungdoro; ‘doro’ itself means ‘pigeon’). Nonetheless, the existence of pigeon racing games in Surabaya has an ambivalent position: it has been banned by the government, but in the other hand this game has become an inherited memory.

Through this exhibition, various archives and studies on pigeon racing in Surabaya will be resuscitated, and a bunch of artists are also invited to reinterpret the games or memories of pigeon racing from their own perspectives. This exhibition is an appreciation nod towards pigeon racing game as a contemporary heritage that is worth to celebrate by the citizens of Surabaya.

<About the artists>

Benny Wicaksono (b. 1973)

A curator and visual artist who has been consistently exploring the media since 1999. In 2009, along with some of his friends he started a collective named WAFT-Lab which is active in organizing workshops and interdisciplinary art exhibitions, some of them are ABANDONED, ELECTROWORK, and VIDEO:WRK. Awarded as Innovator in Media Art from Biennale Surabaya (2009), did a residency programme in Lyon, France (2011), became Jakarta Biennale’s curator (2015), and establishing Surabaya Adventurous Music Performance Archive (2017) are parts of his artistic journey.

Cahyo Prayogo (b. 1988)

A media artist who has a movie screenings and filmmaking workshops programme in some kampongs in Surabaya. His enthusiasm in cinema grew from KINETIK, a media studies collective that he established with his friends while they studied in UPN Surabaya. When in KINETIK, he was involved in several programmes initiated by Forum Lenteng and ruangrupa. His personal works stemmed from the tradition of documentary filmmaking which exposed the quotidian stories of the citizens that he met. Since 2010 he’s been actively participating in various workshops, festivals, and exhibitions. In 2016 he joined FastForward: an Exhibition with Video Works in Cemeti Art House and Bongkar Muat exhibition in ruangrupa.

Pertigaan Map

Is a creative project that creates walking maps, initiated by Anitha Silvia (b. 1983) a writer and cultural activist with graphic designer Celcea Tifani (b. 1991). What they create is an experimentation that examines the objectivity and subjectivity of a territorial mapping effort. Their first project was a map series of three quarters in North Surabaya which in 2016 was exhibited in two venues, c2o Library & Collabtive and On Market Go+. This project has also been discussed in various institutions such as RUJAK Center for Urban Studies (Jakarta) and Acehouse Collective (Yogyakarta).

ADU DORO : Art and Archive Exhibition is part of Condition Report, a curatorial mentoring program initiated and generously supported by Japan Foundation Asia Center.

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