Undisputed Poetry Open Mic: Serenity

Hosted by the wonderful @candrahayu with special music appearance by Karina D. Han (@masihkecil) who will bless the evening with sum ukulele magic, this edition of Undisputed Poetry takes place at our favorite place in the entire town, @c2o_library!

Join us on May 4th, exploring everything about Serenity. Maybe it’s something your soul has been longing. Maybe it’s how you find it in unexpected form or timing. Maybe it’s the sweet memories, maybe it’s the bitter ones. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s something that you haven’t yet figure out.

The event is FREE and you are welcomed to swing by as audience or poet. Your call!

For you who wish to be in our poet line up, register via DM now! We have 12 slots. Few things to pay attention:

  • you will be reading an ORIGINAL piece
  • your poem can be in any language
  • you have the mic for 3-6 minutes
  • you’re absolutely allowed to interpret the theme as you wish

See you! Bring a friend! ;)

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