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Sekali lagi kami mendapat limpahan buku dari anggota dan pengunjung C2O, Kerabat Antro Unair, Diana AV Sasa, Lulu Ratna, CCCL Surabaya, Clément Baloup, Sylvain Moizie dan Antonio Carlos — kami ucapkan terima kasih kepada semuanya. Silahkan mengunjungi perpustakaan untuk melihat daftar lebih lengkap koleksi kami.

Once again we received a deluge of books from lovely visitors & members, Kerabat Antro Unair, Diana AV Sasa, Lulu Ratna, CCCL Surabaya, Clément Baloup, Sylvain Moizie and Antonio Carlos — we thank you for your generosity & kindness. Please visit our library to browse our collection.

The Fish Can Sing
Author: Haldor Laxness
Publisher: Vintage, 1967
Call No: F LAX Fis

Laxness, Iceland’s best-known fiction writer and winner of the 1955 Nobel Prize for literature, authored well over 60 novels and other books before his death in 1998 at the age of 90. This lyrical novel, first published in English in 1966 (nine years after its original publication in Iceland), concerns a boy named Alfgr¡mur Hannson of Brekkukot, the humble fishing cottage where he is raised by adoptive grandparents. The novel’s plot–if so formal a term may be used to describe the tale’s slow and meandering progress through Alfgr¡mur’s uneventful youth–involves an Icelandic singing star known as Gardar H¢lm. All Iceland, except for H¢lm’s own mother and the folks at Brekkukot, dote on H¢lm because of his international reputation for performing lieder. Yet few have ever heard him sing–the beloved H¢lm is growing old and he is mysteriously elusive. Young Alfgr¡mur may also be a gifted singer, and he tracks H¢lm down assiduously. Once he finds him, however, he learns that singing is only one way of seeking “the one true note”–and he who has heard that note never sings again. Laxness portrays the backwardness of turn-of-the-century Iceland with gentle humor and irony. Tiny Iceland needs its “singing fish”–celebrities like Gardar H¢lm, and perhaps Alfgr¡mur Hannson–but the moral of Laxness’s lovely fable references a simpler sentiment: glory may just as well be sought in the humblest walks of life.

The Arts of Thailand
Author: Steve van  Beek
Publisher: Periplus, 1998
Call No: 709.593 BEE Art (Arts & Design) – from Antonio Carlos

For over a thousand years, Thailand has been a cultural crossroads for the artistic traditions of India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Indonesia, gradually evolving a unique style of artistic expression all its own. Based on exhastive museum, library, and temple research, The Arts of Thailand covers every major form and period of Thai art and provides a complete overview of one of the world’s richest artistic traditions.

Author: Mary Shelley
Publisher: Penguin Red, 2006 [1818]
Call No.: F SHE Fra

Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with the secret of resurrecting the dead. But when he makes a new ‘man’ out of plundered corpses, his hideous creation fills him disgust. Rejected by all humanity, the creature sets out to destroy Frankenstein and everyone he loves. And as the monster gets ever closer to his maker, hunter becomes prey in a lethal chase that carries them to the very end of the earth.

Author: Jose Saramago
Publisher: Vintage, 2007 [1995]
Call No. F SAR Bli

Blindness is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone in an unnamed city, and the social breakdown that swiftly follows. The novel follows the misfortunes of a handful of characters who are among the first to be stricken and centers around a doctor and his wife, several of the doctor’s patients, and assorted others, thrown together by chance. This group bands together in a family-like unit to survive by their wits and by the unexplained good fortune that the doctor’s wife has escaped the blindness. The sudden onset and unexplained origin and nature of the blindness cause widespread panic, and the social order rapidly unravels as the government attempts to contain the apparent contagion and keep order via increasingly repressive and inept measures. Note: This book has been translated and published in Indonesian by Serambi.

A l’ombre des coquillages
Author: José Roosevelt
Publisher: La Boîte à bulles, 2007
Call No: K ROO Omb (Comics & Graphic Novels) — from CCCL Surabaya

Roosevelt met en scène ces vies a priori très différentes avec intelligence et imagination. Son monde au premier abord hétéroclite est d’une grande cohérence intellectuelle et visuelle, son trait fin et assuré. L’utilisation parcimonieuse de la couleur, à partir des séquences où se rencontrent pour la première fois les trois protagonsistes, est d’une force émotionnelle remarquable. L’amitié entre les trois personnages, et l’amour entre Vi et Ian, sont des coups de foudre superbement rendus par l’auteur… dont l’alter ego récurrent dans ses oeuvres est Le Peintre, artiste dont les oeuvres et la personnalité catalyseront les interrogations de Juanalberto, Vi et Ian, et amèneront leur rencontre. L’auteur insiste d’ailleurs grâce à la couleur sur l’effet lors de la première vision du regard de chaque personnage, sur l’ouverture à l’autre que sont ces “fenêtres de l’âme”

Un Automne à Hanoï
Author: Clément Baloup
Publisher: La Boîte à bulles, 2004
Call No: K BAL Aut (Comics & Graphic Novels) from Clément Baloup

Clément Baloup est l’un des membres fondateurs de La Maison qui pue, un collectif d’auteurs talentueux issus des Beaux-Arts d’Angoulême. En 2003, le jeune homme se lance dans la réalisation de ses premiers albums, Un Automne à Hanoï récit plutôt intimiste et Le Chemin de Tùan qu’il écrit avec Mathieu Jiro plus tourné vers l’aventure (Le Seuil). Avec le même Jiro, il sort Diables sucrés édité chez Bayou collection dirigée par Joann Sfar.

L’Etirement du plexus brachial
Author: Sylvain Moizie
Publisher: Delcourt, 2009
Call No.: K MOI Eti (Comics & Graphic Novels) — from Sylvain Moizie

L’étirement du plexus brachial, généralement causée lors d’un accouchement difficile, concerne en moyenne un enfant par jour en France. Les plus graves entraînent une faiblesse, voire la paralysie du bras ou la rupture des nerfs. Machin et Machine, tout jeunes parents qu’ils sont, en font l’expérience avec l’arrivée de la petite Jeannette. Face aux diverses absurdités rencontrées, ils devront, pour sauver le bras de leur fille, prendre les choses en main!

Author: Michel Houellebecq
Publisher: Vintage, 2000
Call No: F HOU Ato

Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Michel is a molecular biologist, a thinker and idealist, a man with no erotic life to speak of and little in the way of human society. Bruno, by contrast, is a libertine, though more in theory than in practice, his endless lust is all too rarely reciprocated. Both are symptomatic members of our atomised society, where religion has given way to shallow ‘new age’ philosophies and love to meaningless sexual connections.

Author: J. M. Coetzee
Publisher: Vintage, 2000
Call No. F COE Dis

Disgrace–set in post-apartheid Cape Town and on a remote farm in the Eastern Cape–is deft, lean, quiet, and brutal. A heartbreaking novel about a man and his daughter, Disgrace is a portrait of the new South Africa that is ultimately about grace and love. At fifty-two Professor David Lurie is divorced, filled with desire but lacking in passion. An affair with one of his students leaves him jobless and friendless. Except for his daughter, Lucy, who works her smallholding with her neighbor, Petrus, an African farmer now on the way to a modest prosperity. David’s attempts to relate to Lucy, and to a society with new racial complexities, are disrupted by an afternoon of violence that changes him and his daughter in ways he could never have foreseen. In this wry, visceral, yet strangely tender novel, Coetzee once again tells “truths [that] cut to the bone.” (The New York Times Book Review). Note: This book has been published in Indonesian by Jalasutra.

Orang Bajo, Suku Pengembara Laut: Pengalaman Seorang Antropolog
(Les Badjos d’Indonesie)
Author: Franðcois-Robert Zacot
Publisher: KPG, 2008 [2002]
Call No: 305.89922 ZAC Ora (Koleksi Kerabat Antropologi Unair)

Suku Bajo pernah menguasai perairan Nusantara di masa silam. Hampir seluruh pulau berpenduduk di Nusantara pernah mereka rambah. Tak heran mereka dianggap sebagai jembatan penghubung pulau-pulau Nusantara dan cermin keunggulan bahari.

Ketika menguasai Nusantara, penjajah menghalau Suku Bajo dari berbagai tempat. Kini suku terkemuka ini tinggal tersudut di salah satu kawasan di Sulawesi Utara.

Dalam buku ini Zacot menyingkap kebesaran masa lalu Suku Bajo melalui kehidupan sehari-hari. Dengan gaya tulisan jurnalistik, ia memperlihatkan betapa luas dan mendalam torehan budaya suku ini di Nusantara.

Sejarah Sumatra (The History of Sumatra)
Author: William Marsden
Publisher: Komunitas Bambu, 2008 [1811]
Call No: 959.81 MAR Sej (Sejarah & Geografi)

Marsden berusaha membuktikan serangkaian fakta otentik dan menjelaskan segala sesuatu sesuai kenyataannya daripada menunjukkan kreativitas dalam berimajinasi. Oleh sebab itu, Sejarah Sumatra segera mendapat penghargaan dari masyarakat luas dan diakui sebagai model karya deskriptif terbaik ketika terbit tahun 1783. Dalam memanfaatkan ilmu geografi, linguistik, botani, dan zoologi dapat saja dikatakan buku itu sudah ketinggalan zaman secara konsep. Namun sebagai buku yang diniatkan untuk menjelaskan Sumatra dan masyarakatnya bukan masyarakat eropa di pulau tersebut pandangan buku tersebut sangat modern.

Bertahan hidup di Auschwitz (Survival in Auschwitz)
Author: Primo Levi
Publisher: Jalasutra, 2009 [1996]
Call No: F LEV Ber (Koleksi Kerabat Antropologi Unair)

Bertahan Hidup di Auschwitz merupakan puisi prosa yang sebenarnya tentang penderitaan mendalam manusia yang diungkapkan tanpa mengasihani diri sendiri, namun disertai dengan intensitas dan gairah bisu, sesekali ada tangis kesedihan mendalam, yang menjadikan karya ini dokumen paling luar biasa yang pernah saya baca–David Caute, New Statesman

If This Is a Man (Italian title: Se questo è un uomo; United States title Survival in Auschwitz) is a work by the Italian writer, Primo Levi, describing his 11 months—from February 21, 1944 until liberation on January 27, 1945—in the German concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland, during the Second World War. The book is described as a memoir, but it goes beyond mere recollection by seeking to consider in narrative form the human condition in all its extremes.[1]

Translated from Survival in Auschwitz, published in the US by Touchstone in 1996.

Jar of Fools: A Picture Story
Author: Jason Lutes
Publisher: Faber & Faber, 2008
Call No.: K LUT Jar

Haunted by a failed romance and the death of his escape-artist brother, Ernie Weiss is a washed-up magician whose remaining hope lies in his ageing mentor, Al Flosso. But Al is slipping further into senility with each passing day. Meanwhile, Esther O’Dea, Ernie’s ex-love, struggles to find peace in her own life, and then a con-man named Nathan Lender sets some mysterious plans in motion that will affect the futures of them all. A compelling rumination on the nature of love, loss, magic and memory, Jar of Fools is a classic of its genre.

Theater of the Absurd
Author: Martin Esslin
Publisher: Penguin, 2009
Call No.: 809.204 ESS The

In 1953, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot premiered at a tiny avant-garde theatre in Paris; within five years, it had been translated into more than twenty languages and seen by more than a million spectators. Its startling popularity marked the emergence of a new type of theatre whose proponents—Beckett, Ionesco, Genet, Pinter, and others—shattered dramatic conventions and paid scant attention to psychological realism, while highlighting their characters’ inability to understand one another. In 1961, Martin Esslin gave a name to the phenomenon in his groundbreaking study of these playwrights who dramatized the absurdity at the core of the human condition.

Over four decades after its initial publication, Esslin’s landmark book has lost none of its freshness. The questions these dramatists raise about the struggle for meaning in a purposeless world are still as incisive and necessary today as they were when Beckett’s tramps first waited beneath a dying tree on a lonely country road for a mysterious benefactor who would never show. Authoritative, engaging, and eminently readable, The Theater of the Absurd is nothing short of a classic: vital reading for anyone with an interest in the theatre.

TheNinthThe Ninth (Anak Kesembilan)
Author: Ferenc Barnás
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2010
Call No: F BAR Nin

Bagaimana mungkin seseorang bisa mengutarakan isi batinnya di tengah dunia yang rusak nyaris di segala bidang? Novel ini mengajak pembaca memasuki alam pikiran seorang anak kecil dengan ingatan luar biasa. Dia menceritakan rahasianya yang paling kelam, mimpi-mimpi paling brutal karena tekanan hasrat terpendam ingin menyalurkan dendam, iri dengan bekal milik kawannya, bertahan dari kekerasan kakak kelas, kesenangan setiap kali ada orang yang meninggal, juga bersaing dengan kawan sekelas untuk menarik perhatian gurunya.

Anak ini juga pengamat sosial yang tajam. Dia penasaran kenapa gaji ayahnya gagal memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga, padahal seluruh anggota keluarga sudah dikerahkan untuk banting tulang, betapa seorang kawannya diam-diam menyembunyikan foto perempuan telanjang, dia juga menyaksikan ada ayah kawannya yang tiap hari mabuk sampai ambruk di bar, dan di sela-sela main sepak bola bersama saudara dan kawan-kawannya, pikirannya kerap khawatir soal hari esok, sampai dia sendiri akhirnya nekat melakukan dosa pertama, meskipun ia pernah menjadi putra altar dan ibunya senantiasa mengajak doa bersama sebelum tidur.

Terkait: Ulasan oleh Anwar Holid di webzine Rumah Buku, di mana buku ini diluncurkan dan didiskusikan. Baca juga catatan proses penerbitannya oleh Anwar Holid.

The Mystic Masseur
Author: V.S. Naipaul
Publisher: Vintage, 1971
Call No: F NAI Mys – from OVA

In 1940s Trinidad masseurs were the medical practitioners of choice. Ganesh treats not only muscle pain but people pursued by malign clouds or afflicted with an amorous fascination with bicycles. His ascent is variously aided and impeded by a Dickensian cast of rogues and eccentrics. There’s his skeptical wife, Leela, whose schooling has made her excessively, fond. of; punctuation: marks!; and Leela’s father, Ramlogan, a man of startling mood changes and an ever-ready cutlass. Witty, tender, filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of Trinidad’s dusty Indian villages, The Mystic Masseur is Naipaul at his most expansive and evocative.

The Stone Raft
Author: Jose Saramago
Publisher: Harvill, 1994
Call No: F SAR Sto

Joana Carda scratches the ground with an elm branch and the mute dogs of Cerbere begin to bark, portending doom. The earth cracks open and the Iberian peninsula separates from Europe and floats off into the Atlantic. The people flee the coastal areas in a mass exodus, to wander, disoriented, across the floating, spinning island’s interior. Among them are a group of strangers who wind up in the home of Maria Guavaira: Joaquim Sassa, who threw a stone into the sea and then found himself in Maria’s bed; Joana Carda, who cut the earth in two; Jose Anaico, the king of the starlings; Pedro Orce, who can make the earth tremble with his feet; and a dog with no name and every name. At once an epic adventure and a timely political fable about the vicissitudes of the European Community, The Stone Raft is a narrative tour de force.

Things Fall Apart
Pengarang: Chinua Achebe
Penerbit: Hikmah, 2008 [1958]
No. Panggil: F ACH Thi (Fiksi & Sastra)

Okonkwo seorang pria yang seoanjang hidupnya takut dianggap lemah. Dia terobsesi menjadi pria sejati, pria yang kaya, kuat, dan dihormati. Menurutnya, dia telah melakukan segala yang harus diperbuatnya, termasuk membunuh anak asuhnya dan memukul istri-istrinya. Tetapi semua pencapaiannya menghadapi tantangan nyata ketika misionaris Kristen merambah benua Afrika. Perlahan mereka mencerabuti tradisi dan budaya kaum Ibo. Melucuti kekuasaan para pemimpinnya. Dan keluarga Okonkwo pun terkena imbasnya.

The Remains of the Day (Puing-puing Kehidupan)
Pengarang: Kazuo Ishiguro
Penerbit: Hikmah, 2005 [1989]
Call No: F ISH Rem

Manusia memang tak pernah merindukan sesuatu sebelum dia kehilangan. Dan begitulah Stevens. Puluhan tahun lamanya dia mengabdi sebagai kepala pelayan di Darlington Hall, seluruh jiwa dan raganya didedikasikan demi profesinya. Cita-citanya menjadi seorang kepala pelayan yang sukses, yang bermartabat, yang luar biasa, telah dia raih. Dan dia bangga mencapainya. Yang tak disadari olehnya, begitu banyak hal yang telah dia korbankan dalam pengabdiannya. Memberi pembelaaran menawan tentang kepribadian, kelas dan budaya.

Laki-laki Lain dalam Secarik Surat
Pengarang: Budi Darma
Penerbit: Bentang, 2008
No. Panggil: F DAR Lak

Buku ini merupakan perwujudan dari obsesi kepengarangan Budi Darma. Di dalamnya akan ditemukan kisah-kisah tentang manusia lengkap dengan konflik mereka saat berinteraksi dengan dunia di sekelilingnya maupun dengan dirinya sendiri. Tokoh-tokoh Budi Darma dalam buku ini adalah manusia yang ganjil, terkadang keji, dan cenderung asosial. Namun, di sisi lain, mereka juga bisa menjadi begitu naif, baik hati, dan jujur. Dengan gaya bertuturnya yang lembut, tapi penuh kejutan, Budi Darma akan membawa kita ke dalam permenungan mendalam tentang manusia dan kemanusiaan.

Satu Pertanyaan dari Selatan: Kumpulan Cerpen Berlatar Australia
Diterbitkan atas kerja sama Australia Indonesia Institute, PPIA-ANU, Bentang, 2006
No. panggil: F LIZ Sat

“Kumpulan cerpen ini merupakan sumbangan untuk melihat sisi lain dari hubungan Indonesia-Australia demi mengungkapkan sudut-sudut yang terlewatkan dan tak tersingkap oleh penghampiran disiplin ilmu, terutama yang menyangkut pengalaman-pengalaman subjektif mahasiswa Indonesia selama perantauan mereka di Negeri Kanguru.” –Amrih Widodo, pengajar di Australia National University

“Dalam bunga rampai ini sosok manusia Indonesia tersorot tajam dengan Australia tidak hanya sebagai latar belakang eksotik yang kadang kala garang, tetapi juga sebagai tantangan yang harus dihadapi, medan pengalaman yang menempa jiwa, pencetus kesadaran akan arti keindonesiaan, bahkan sebagai bumi dan masyarakat yang mampu dicintai oleh muda-mudi Indonesia. Sebagai orang Australia, saya bangga negara saya dapat dijadikan sumber ilham oleh pengarang Indonesia.” –George Quinn, pengajar di Australian National University

Film History: An Introduction
Author: David Bordwell & Kirstin Thompson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Call No:791.4309 BOR Fil

Written by two of the leading scholars in film studies, Film History: An Introduction is a comprehensive, global survey of the medium that covers the development of every genre in film, from drama and comedy to documentary and experimental. As with the authors’ bestselling Film Art: An Introduction (now in its eighth edition), concepts and events are illustrated with frame enlargements taken from the original sources, giving students more realistic points of reference than competing books that rely on publicity stills.

Gelaran Almanak Seni Rupa Jogja 1999-2009
Supervisi: Taufik Rahzen
Penerbit: Gelaran Budaya bekerjasama dengan Gelaran Ibuku, VF, BBB, 2009
Call No: 759.95982 RAH Gel (Arts & Design) – from Diana AV Sasa

Almanak merujuk pada kalender dan sekaligus panduan pengetahuan yang bersifat tematik. Temalah yang menjadi sandaran utamanya. Terutama sekali nama, tempat dan ruang, peristiwa, dan organisasi atau kelompok. Namun Gelaran Almanak Senirupa Jogja 1999-2009 ini bukan sekadar ”Almanak”, melainkan ”Almanak +” lantaran menggabungkan banyak sekali model: Ensiklopedia, Kamus, Kronik, Who’s Who, Katalog, maupun Yellow Pages (Nama | Alamat).

Ini adalah semacam ”buku pintar” seni rupa yang bisa dipegang oleh seluruh komponen yang berkepentingan dengan dunia seni rupa, terutama di Yogyakarta selama sepuluh tahun terakhir. Sebuah kota yang secara statistik, memiliki puluhan ribu seniman dengan aktivitas seni yang kaya.

Selain mengisi kekosongan buku sejenis di rak buku seni rupa Indonesia, buku ini dibuat untuk merangkum sebanyak mungkin cakupan tema dan menjadi kunci informasi dan pengetahuan tentang seni rupa di Jogja: ribuan peristiwa, ribuan pelaku, ribuan tempat, ribuan karya, ratusan organisasi, lembaga pendidikan, industri kerajinan, dan sebagainya. Dengan keluasan cakupan itu diharapkan, buku ini bisa menjadi langkah awal untuk sebuah cita-cita menciptakan Masyarakat Senirupa Jogjakarta dengan menyiapkan mula-mula bank data dan informasi bagi pihak-pihak yang sekiranya menyusun cetak-biru industri kreatif di kawasan Yogyakarta.

Dokumenter: Dari Ide Sampai Produksi
Author: Gerzon R. Ayawaila
Publisher: FFTV-IKJ, 2008
Call No.: 791.430233 AYA Dok – from Lulu Ratna (

Kaki kuda memiliki arti penting dalam sejarah film dokumenter dunia. Seperti apa perannya, buku ini gamblang menjawabnya – selain juga membentangkan di era-era berikutnya yang mempersempit film dokumenter sebagai semata untuk kepentingan propaganda politik penguasa, termasuk di era rezim Orde Baru di Indonesia.

Terbukti, sesungguhnya, dokumenter bukan sekedar untuk propaganda; dokumenter bahkan juga menjadi wadah dan wahana bagi ekspresi pribadi, termasuk ekspresi idealistik yang gegap dengan anasir estetik dan artistik. Dari sana terlahir pendekatan cinema verite, direct cinema, dan free cinema. Juga jurnalistik televisi, dokudrama, dan lain-lainnya.

Hallucinogens and Culture
Author: Peter J. Furst
Call No.: 301.22 FUR Hal (Social Science & Anthropology) — from Pak Hadipurnomo

Dr. Furst demonstrates with a wealth of cross-cultural and historical data and some of his own first-hand experiences the often decisive role hallucinogens have sometimes played, and continue to play, in the maintenance of social systems in the traditional world, and their positive role in rituals of religion or initiation, mythology and symbolism, and in art, as well as in psychotherapy and curing of physical ills. I strongly recommend this book to every reader interested in our heritage and in human behavior in general

Kota Yogyakarta Tempo Doeloe: Sejarah Sosial 1880 – 1930
Pengarang: Abdurrachman Surjomihardjo
Penerbit: Komunitas Bambu, 2008
Call No: 959.82 SUR Kot

Social history of Yogyakarta City, 1880-1930. Yogyakarta tempo doeloe menyimpan banyak kenangan. Sampai kini kenangan itu masih terus hidup. Buku ini memampar-kan akar-akar pembentukannya, kehidupan serta proses penyesuaian kelompok penduduk kota kerajaan dengan kolonialisme Belanda yang mulai mencengkram kota itu sejak abad ke-19. Diulas kontak bahkan perbenturan budaya antara kekuatan tradisional dengan kekuatan kolonial yang membawa modernisasi. Kota kerajaan tumbuh menjadi kota dengan kemudahan-kemudahan baru yang tidak terdapat dalam kota tradisional.

YasminAhmadFilm_CoverYasmin Ahmad’s Films
Author: Amir Muhammad
Publisher: Matahari Books, 2009
Call No: 791.430233092 MUH Yas (Films & Video Books) — from Lulu Ratna (

Yasmin Ahmad left a vibrant legacy, and it is still strange to talk about her in the past tense. In order to deal with his grief, Amir Muhammad, fellow Malaysian filmmaker and friend, watched anew her six feature-length films (Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and Talentime), as well as several of her most popular commercials. Neither an obituary nor a conventional work of film criticism, this book was written just a month after her funeral and is Amir’s personal look at the stories, but with quite a few tangents of his own. Chatty and informative, Yasmin Ahmad’s Films can be devoured not only by established fans but newcomers to her work. It is also a tribute to one of Malaysia’s most amazing daughters.

Pelacuran di Indonesia: Sejarah dan Perkembangannya
Pengarang: Terence H. Hull et al
Penerbit: Sinar Harapan, 1997
Call No.: 363.4409598 HUL Pel

Involusi Pertanian: Proses Perubahan Ekologi di Indonesia (Agricultural Involution)
Pengarang: Clifford Geertz
Penerbit: Yayasan Obor, 1983
Call No: 330.9598 GEE Inv

“A remarkably interesting account of Indonesian agricultural history, primarily covering the period of Dutch control, from 1619 to 1942. Drawing on ecology, sociology, and economics, Geertz…provides an insightful and persuasive analysis.”–The Annals
“A valuable and important study…in which source materials from history, economics, soil science, geography and other fields are brilliantly marshalled and interrelated. But besides being an exemplary study in the interaction of history, physical environment and agricultural technology, this book represents a watershed between narrowly conceived ethnographies and the flood of verbose and ill digested post-war ‘technology-and-social-change’ monographs that are wont to aim high and hit wide…A model of comparative analytical writing.”–Man


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