c2o Newsletter vol. 1

Mulai bulan Mei, 2010, c2o mengeluarkan newsletter sederhana yang berisi ringkasan kegiatan dan ulasan koleksi kami. Hardcopynya tersedia di perpustakaan kami gratis, sementara versi onlinenya bisa dibaca dan diunduh gratis di sini. Silahkan menyebarkannya ke teman-teman, engkong, pakdhe bulik, ponakan, mba’yu…. hyuukkk…. maree…

Starting this May, we’ll be publishing a simple 2-page monthly newsletter, intended as a hard-copy supplement of our website, with information about our upcoming events and short blurbs from our reviews. At the moment it’s only written in Indonesian, but English edition is forthcoming. ┬áDo share it with your friends, families, and colleagues, thank you! Cheers!

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C2O library & collabtive is an independent library and a co-working space that aims to create a shared, nurturing space, along with the tools and resources for humans (and non-humans) for learning, working, and connecting with diverse communities and surrounding environment. More info, visit: https://c2o-library.net/about/ or email info@c2o-library.net

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