This Sunday, March 24, we’ll be closed…

… and open as a bookstall & pop-up librar at Sunday Market in Sutos!

Book Stall & Pop-Up Library at Sunday Market, Sutos
Sunday, March 24, 2013, 12 noon – 12 pm

No time to visit the library? We’re bringing it to you this Sunday Market! Come visit our small pop-up library to get your literary fix—grab a book or two (or three) from our eclectic repositories of books, novels, childrens’ books, zines, and other ephemeras, and curl yourself up with a good cuppa. See if you can find some good bargains from our bookstalls. For those baddies with overdue fines, this is your chance to waive them out of your consciousness.

Swing by at 3pm and join our knitting club, Knit Knot, where you can learn how to make personal knitted items for yourself and for your loved ones.

Perpustakaan & Toko Buku di Sunday Market, Sutos
Minggu, 24 Maret, 2013, 12 siang – 12:00

Tidak ada waktu untuk berkunjung ke perpustakaan? Kami membuka perpustakaan kecil di Sunday Market! Datang ke booth kami untuk menikmati dan membaca buku, novel, buku anak-anak ‘, zine, dan ephemeras lainnya, ditemani dengan kopi atau teh dari kedai sekitar.

Bagi yang terlambat mengembalikan buku, ini adalah kesempatanmu untuk menghapuskan denda Anda. Buku yang dikembalikan di Sunday Market tidak akan dikenakan denda!

Jam 3 sore, kami akan mengadakan klub kami merajut, Knot Knit, di mana kamu dapat belajar bagaimana membuat barang-barang rajutan pribadi untuk diri sendiri dan teman-teman!

And come and join our talk with Satria Ramadhan and Achmad Marin about band and records label management at 12 at Brew & Co.. Free, but seats are limited, so come early!

Dan jangan lupa bergabung dalam Obrolan Minggu Siang bersama Satria Ramadhan (SRM Band Management) dan Achmad Marin (FF/WD Records) mengenai manajemen band dan label rekaman jam 12 siang di Brew & Co.. Gratis, tapi tempat terbatas, jadi datang awal!

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