Yorimichi Caravan Screening Party


☞ 9 August 2015, 19:30 – 21:30
C2O library & collabtive, Jl. Dr. Cipto 22, Surabaya

〈YORIMICHI CARAVANproject〉 is a “screening caravan” that visits alternative spaces in Asian countries with the documentary film “BOOK STORE – part1”.

【About a film “BOOK STORE”】
The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011. Many people decided to emigrate in order to avoid radiation sickness and had to completely change their lives. Tesuya Mori was one of them. He moved to Tottori prefecture and was about to start farming for self-sufficiency as well as an info-shop (*1) for exchanging information and introducing counter-culture. Not wanting a full time job, he rents a garage for cheap with the plan of opening his own bookstore. The garage is run-down and he repairs it in a DIY (Do It Yourself) way. Yet, in order to subsidize the cost of installing a sewer system, he has to work part-time, so the repairs don’t proceed as swiftly as he’d like. Without enough money or time, yet with the help from people in the guesthouse and from around town, will he really be able to make his own bookstore? This is the first chapter of this DIY documentary.


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