Sunday Teatime: Conversations in English

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Sunday Teatime: Conversations in English
with Chris Watton & Sue Bullas
☞ Sunday, 6 March 2016, 2.30 pm
C2O library & collabtive, Jl. Dr. Cipto 22 Surabaya

Come join us this Sunday. Practice your English over cups of tea with Chris Watton and Sue Bullas. Only 10 seats available.

Chris Watton: Hello, my name is Christina, Chris for short, and I’ve been living and teaching English in Surabaya since August last year. I’ve mostly taught in the UK and Myanmar and I’m enjoying the new experience of Indonesia a lot. I teach English First Language and Literature most of the time but I have done some Second Language teaching too. I’m looking forward to meeting, and chatting to, you all.

Sue Bullas grew up in London, ON Canada. She has been an international primary teacher for more that ten years in South Korea, China and Indonesia. She has a degree in education and CELTA degree attained in Australia. She enjoys traveling, photography, food and great books.

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  1. […] join us this Sunday. Practice your English over cups of tea with Chris Watton and Sue Bullas (check their profiles here). Only 10 seats […]

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