C2O di Creative Commons Global Summit, 13-15 April, Toronto

Perwakilan PERIN+1S – C2O terpilih sebagai penerima beasiswa untuk Creative Commons Global Summit 2018 di Toronto, 13-15 April 2018.

The Creative Commons Global Summit, the annual event for the promotion of open knowledge, sharing, and the Commons around the globe, kicks off on Friday in Toronto, Canada. This can’t miss event will bring together more than 450 advocates, activists, lawyers, educators, policy-makers and technologists for over 110 sessions about open education; galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM); legal and copyright reform; open access; the future of the Commons; and the Creative Commons Global Network.

Keynotes and panels will feature Katherine Maher, Executive Director of Wikipedia / Wikimedia Foundation, Chris Bourg, Director of MIT Libraries, and Ruth L. Okediji, John Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard University and Co-Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Featured sessions at the CC Summit include:

  • The “Big Open,” a panel discussion and workshop with Wikimedia, Mozilla, and Creative Commons
  • Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge, Copyright, and Creative Commons: A Discussion of Practices and Principles
  • Empathetic Design for Code of Conduct Reinforcement in Open Communities
  • Open Data, Open Research: Fuel for a Healthier Internet
  • From Unlocking Free Culture to Reviving American Democracy with Lawrence Lessig
  • Blockchain for the Commons
  • The Future of Digital Archives
  • Conversations with Real Users Across the Spectrum
  • Certifying Open Source Hardware: Norm Setting in Complex IP Environments

Simak informasi selengkapnya di https://summit.creativecommons.org/


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  • Pick big fights with your enemies, not small fights with your friends
  • Collective acts are our collective power

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